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New in 8.1: Rep access to comissions

When calling the Rep endpoint of the RPM API, you will get a new piece of information on the response: does this Rep have access to the sales commission values. Look for it in the response like this:

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New API Error Format in 8.0

RPM 8.0 is bringing a change in the way errors in API results are structured. On previous versions of RPM, when a call generated an error the response looked like this: The new syntax that you will be getting in

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Upcoming Change: Key goes First

On an upcoming update to RPM, the system will start requiring that the key be the first piece of data to be present in the request data. Like this: { “Key”: “<Your API Key>”, … <“Rest of the Request Data>

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Welcome to RPM’s Developers Site

Hi and Welcome, Today We’re thrilled to launch this developers site. We plan to use it for documenting the current state of the REST API that comes with every RPM subscription as well as to keep developers informed of future

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