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An introduction to RPM Webhooks

We’ve published a quick introduction guide to RPM Webhooks in the upcoming RPM v12. If your organization is interested in automating some actions every time a form is created, edited, trashed/restored or archived/unarchived then take a look at thew new

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Worksheets being removed in RPM 11

In the next version of RPM we’re preparing a big change to a little used feature: Worksheets are being removed altogether from the service, including API access. This means that the JSON structure for Forms is changing, and also the

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Getting more fields in ProcForms

The ProcForms API endpoint returns a list of forms for a given process. The fields returned for each form are based on the View ID provided. If the ViewID is not provided, the user’s default view is used. Views in

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RPM 10 can now receive the API key as a request header

Back in 2013 we introduced a requirement that API keys had to be sent as the first attribute of the JSON payload, this was meant to allow some optimization when processing the request. This introduced a problem with JSON libraries

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API primer: getting the coordinates of the options in a location list field

Location list fields are a special kind of list field where each option is associated to a set of geographic coordinate system coordinates. When working with this kind of field via the API, the coordinates can be found inside the

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