CustomerAdd (pre RPM27)

    object Customer

Add a Customer.

  • The customer name is required and must be unique.
  • All other fields are optional, except a contact name which is required.
  • On Error, no data will be saved.


Request Data:

  • The customer object contains all the information.
    • (string) Name (required and unique) – Set the Customer Name.
    • (object) PrimaryContact (required)
      • (string) FirstName (required)
      • (string) LastName (required)
    "Customer": {
        "Address": <string>,
        "AliasAdd": <string>,
        "City": <string>,
        "Country": <string>,
        "Fields": [
                "Field": <string>,
                "Value": <string>
            // .... more fields
        "Name": <string>,
        "Contacts": [
                "Email": <string>,
                "FirstName": <string>,
                "LastName": <string>,
                "PhoneBusiness": {
                    "Number": <string>
                "PhoneFax": {
                    "Number": <string>
                "PhoneHome": {
                    "Number": <string>
                "PhoneOther": {
                    "Number": <string>
                "Salutation": <string>,
                "Title": <string>,
                "IsPrimary": <bool>
            // This API request only allows one contact that will be made the primary contact
        "StateProvince": <string>,
        "Website": <string>,
        "ZipPostalCode": <string>


Same structure as api/Customer


  • “A customer name is required”
  • “A unique customer name is required”
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