int    FileID,
    string Name,
    string Description,
    bool   IsStaffOnly,
    int    FolderID

Modified the information of an attached file.

Note: this endpoint does not allow changing the actual file, it’s jut to change the name, description, folder and security for the file. You must upload a new file using ProcFormFileAdd.


Request Data:

  • (int) FileID (required) – ID of the file to modify.
  • (int) AlternateID (optional, Since RPM24) – AlternateID of the file to modify. If provided, the FileID will be ignored.
  • (string) Name (optional) – new name for the filae (include file extension matching the actual file type)
  • (string) Description (optional) – new description for the file
  • (bool) IsStaffOnly (optional) – wether the file should be visible to staff users only
  • (int) FolderID (optional) – id for the folder to put the file into. If the folder ID is provided but is not found, the file is attached to the default location.
	"FileID"     : <int>,
	"Name"       : <string>,
	"Description": <string>,
	"IsStaffOnly": <bool>,
	"FolderID"   : <int>


  "Result": {
    "FileAttachment": {
      "FileID": <int>,
      "FormID": <int>,
      "Name": <string>,
      "Description": <string>,
      "IsStaffOnly": <bool>,
      "FolderID": <int>


  • “File not found”
  • “Form not found”
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