object Form,
    bool WebhookEvaluate

Add a Set Form to a Form with repeating fields.


Request Data:

  • (object) Form (required) – Form data that you want populated:
    • (int) FormID (required) – the unique number for the Form.
    • (array) Fields (optional) list of field to be filled in.
      If not provided, a new set of repeating fields without values will be created.
      Any field not specified will be left empty.
      Any field that does not exist in the process template will be ignored.
      Field names matching any non-repating fields will not be updated.
  • (bool) WebhookEvaluate (optional, default: false) – whether RPM should issue webhook requests (since RPM 11).

Request Body:

    "Form" : {
        "FormID": <int>,
        "Fields": [
                "Field": <string>, // Field Name
                "Value": <string>
            ... <more repeating fields>


On success, the response will contain entire form.

See the documented JSON Formatting for Forms.


  • Repeating fields are not enabled on this process (Since RPM27)


  • Providing a field value that can’t be converted to the correct type of the field will produce an empty field.
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