int  ProcessID,
    bool IncludeArchived,
    int  ViewID,
    int  ReferenceType

Get forms for a process.


Request Data:

  • (int) ProcessID (required) identify the process by ID.
  • (bool) IncludeArchived (optional, default=false) whether to include archived forms. If a ViewID is provided this parameter is ignored and instead uses the view’s filters.
  • (int) ViewID (optional) identify a view to control the fields returned.
  • (int) ReferenceType (optional) indicate a reference type to get a list of referenced IDs by the forms in the result, valid values are 519=Form, 5=Customer, 14=CustomerLocation, 200=Agency, 1=Rep, 3=Staff, 203=Supplier, 304=CustomerAccount.
    "ProcessID" : <int>,
    "IncludeArchived" : <bool>,
    "ViewID" : <int>,
    "ReferenceType" : <enum 
        519: "Form", 
        5: "Customer", 
        14: "CustomerLocation", 
        200: "Agency", 
        1: "Rep", 
        3: "Staff",
        203: "Supplier",
        304: "CustomerAccount"


{ "Result": { 
    "ProcessID": <int>,
    "IncludeArchived": <null | int>,
    "ViewID": <null | int>, "Forms": [
            "ID": <int>, // Form ID 
            "N" : <string>, // Form Number 
            "T" : <string> // Form's full title
        ... <more forms> 
} }


  • “Process not found” – If the process could not be found.
  • “View not found” – If the ViewID does not exist
  • User does not have read access for forms in the process
  • Process is archived
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