int    ProcessID,
    string Process,
    int    ViewID

Get forms for a process.


Request Data:

  • (int) ProcessID or (string) Process (required) identify the process by Name or ID
    If both are provided the Name will be used.
  • (int) ViewID (optional) identify a view to control the fields returned.
    "Key"       : <string>,
    "ProcessID" : <int>,
    "Process"   : <string>,
    "ViewID"    : <int>


Note: The columns, column Uids and form data returned will depend on the permissions of the user making the request.

  "Result": {
    "Process": <string>,
    "ProcessID": <int>,
    "View": <string>,
    "Columns": [
      ... <More Field Names>
    "ColumnUids": [ // Since RPM16
      ... <More Field UIDs>
    "Forms": [
        "FormID": <int>,
        "Values": [
          ... <More Field Values>
      ... <More Forms>


  • “Process not found” – If the process could not be found.
  • “View not found” – If the ViewID does not exist (currently produces “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”)
  • “No forms”.
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