object Supplier,
    bool WebhookEvaluate

Modify an existing supplier.

Note: Available since RPM 28


Request Data:

  • (object) Supplier
    • (int) SupplierID (required) – identify the supplier to modify by its ID.
    • (string) Supplier (optional) – the supplier’s name.
    • (string) Logo (optional) – a base64 PNG image of the supplier’s logo.
    • (object) Contact (optional) – the main contact information for the Supplier:
      • (string) Salutation (optional) – it can be one these: “Mr”, “Ms”, “Dr”.
      • (string) FirstName (optional) – the contact’s first name.
      • (string) LastName (optional) – the contact’s last name.
      • (string) Title (optional) – the contact’s title or position.
      • (string) Email (optional) – the contact’s email.
      • (string) Website (optional) – Website url.
      • (string) Address (optional) – the main street information section of the Supplier’s address
      • (string) City (optional) – the city section of the Supplier’s address
      • (string) StateProvince (optional) – the State/Province section of the Supplier’s address
      • (string) ZipPostalCode (optional) – the Zip/Postal code section of the Supplier’s address
      • (array) PhoneNumbers (optional) – a list of up to 4 phone numbers, each using the following structure:
        • (string) Number (optional) – the phone number.
        • (enum) Type (optional) – number indicating the type phone number it is:
          1-Business, 2-Home, 3-Fax, 6-Other. There cannot be repeated types.
      • (array) Fields (optional) – a list of custom fields to fill in for the Supplier, each using the following structure:
        • (string) Name (optional) – the custom field name.
        • (string) Value (optional) – the value to give the custom field.
  • (bool) WebhookEvaluate (optional, default=false) – Whether to fire the supplier.edit webhook.
    "Supplier": {
        "SupplierID": <int>,
        "Supplier": <string>,
        "Logo": <string>, // base64 encoded image
        "Contact": {
            "Salutation": <string>,
            "FirstName": <string>,
            "LastName": <string>,
            "Title": <string>,
            "Email": <string>,
            "Website": <string>,
            "Address": <string>,
            "City": <string>,
            "StateProvince": <string>,
            "ZipPostalCode": <string>,
            "PhoneNumbers": [
                    "Number": <string>,
                    "PhoneNumberID": <int>,
                    "Type": <enum:
                ... <More Results>
        "Fields": [
                "Field": <string>,
                "Value": <string>
            ... <More Custom Fields>


Same as the Supplier endpoint


  • “A unique name is required”
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