int ObjectTypeID,
    int ObjectID,
    string AlternateID,
    string Name,
    string Company,
    string File,
    string Date

Add a signature to a form or a staff user.

Available since RPM19


Request Data:

  • (int) ObjectTypeID (required) – the type of entity to add a signature to (Enum: 520=form,
  • (int) ObjectID (required) – the specific ID of the entity
  • (string) AlternateID (required, since RPM24) – client-generated identifier, UUID
  • (string) Name (required) – name of the user signing
  • (string) Company (optional) – company of the user signing
  • (string) File (required) – base64 encoded png image of the signature using a data URI scheme.
  • (string) Date (optional) – date+time to override the Signed date (available since RPM22).
    Formatted as:
    "YYYY-DD-MM HH:ss"
    – Must be sent in the user’s preferred timezone, RPM will store it in UTC and return it in the user’s preferred timezone.


  "Result": {
    "FAFilesID": <int>,
    "Name": <string>,
    "Stage": <string>,
    "Company": <string>,
    "Date": <string> // "YYYY-DD-MM HH:ss" Must be sent in the user's preferred timezone

Note: the base64 data is not returned by the server (a previous version of this page showed that it did).


  • “Form not found”
  • “Signature with AlternateID already exists”
  • “Signature not valid.” (since RPM31) – when the File provided is not a valid base64 file.
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