bool IncludeGuest = false,
	bool IncludeApiUser = false

Get a full list of staff users including their role and whether they can log into RPM or not.


Request Data:

  • (bool) IncludeGuest (optional, default false) – include users that belong to a Guest role in the list (since RPM24)
  • (bool) IncludeApiUser (optional, default false) – include api staff users in the list (since RPM25)
    "IncludeGuest": <bool>,
    "IncludeApiUser": <bool>


    "Result": {
        "StaffList": [
                "Name"   : <string>,
                "ID"     : <int>,
                "Enabled": <bool>,
                "RoleID" : <int>,
                "UserID" : <int>,
                "IsApiUser" : <bool>, // Since RPM25
                "Username": <string>, // Since RPM23
                "TimeOffset" <timezone offset> // User's preferred timezone offset (e.g. -04:30),
                "TimeDst": <bool> // User's preferred automatic daylight savings adjustment,
                "Groups": [
                        "ID": <int> // Note: Group and Role ID share the same auto-generated value pool (i.e. there will never be a Group and a Role with the same ID)
                    ... <more groups the user belongs to>   
            ... <more staff entries>


  • Available since RPM 14: each entry under “StaffList” now contains TimeOffset, TimeDst.


  • “Call can only be made by staff users”
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